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Let the STARs tell your story and win you the job

Achievement statements are the most interesting and convincing way to describe your skills to a prospective employer. And STARs can be the brightest lights in the achievement statement constellation. I have written about STARs in the past, but usually just to demonstrate how a candidate meets just one of the selection criteria. Because STARs tell a complete story this could result in a fairly long application. As the economy recovers from Covid restrictions, employers are facing a deluge of applications and are demanding shorter applications. This article discusses how to use STARs to demonstrate skills across a range of criteria and yet to be equally convincing and interesting.

Directory of Achievements: Make it easy to create a winning application

Writing a resume is, for many people, a daunting prospect. People don't like high-noting themselves and yet candidates need to convince employers that they are the best applicants for the job. The most convincing way of doing this, and one that does not sound like bragging, is to use achievement statements and the easiest way to have a ready supply of relevant achievement statements is to create and maintain a Directory of Achievements. Yes, it requires a bit of work and regular up-dating but when it comes to the time to apply for your next job, you'll be so thankful that you did it. And packed with compelling achievement statements, your application will have a significantly better likelihood of being successful. Read the article, start your Directory today and be prepared for your next promotion or your move to a better job.