Choosing the career path that will bring job satisfaction and success

Planning your career, choosing the right direction, is important for two reasons:

  1. Your quality of life: we spend too much time in paid employment to work at something that we don't enjoy. Lack of job satisfaction is also a cause of stress which affects our health and our relationships with others.
  2. It makes it much easier to get a job if we are motivated.

We help you to identify the type of work that is most likely to bring you job satisfaction, a job of which you are proud and one you want to do well.

To do this we look at your interests, your values, your personality and your personal goals to identify the occupation that best matches your needs and aspirations. Yet it is not so much the instruments themselves that will identify the right career direction for you but the discussion of the results of these instruments. We take you through a structured process that helps you to see the career path that is most likely to bring you the job satisfaction and success you deserve.

We use some of the world's most respected instruments to ensure that the results are as accurate and reliable as possible. And it's all now available online as well as face-to-face.

"I cannot recommend highly enough the support of Rupert French to anyone considering a career change. His open, relaxed and friendly nature helped me to feel instantly at ease during a difficult time of transition in my life.

"Rupert supported me to see the abilities and skills I possess, and helped me unpack what I consider to be most important in my life. During the time I worked with Rupert, I felt my confidence grow and I quickly came to realise that I had the ability to make the career change I very much desired.

"The whole process of career mapping was insightful and encouraging. At each step, from determining my values, to resume writing and interview skills, Rupert's support was fantastic.

"After working with Rupert for just 2 months, I had 3 job offers! I am now 9 weeks into a new career and loving it. I felt through the whole process that Rupert was totally committed to my success and that he was as excited about my new job as I was.

"Thank you Rupert. I deeply appreciate your understanding, honesty and willingness to go 'above and beyond' to support me in a career change." - WMcC, Hobart