Improve your Interview Performance

Your principal aim at the interview is to get the interviewers to like you.If they like you they may hire you.If they don't, they won't. The focus of my interview preparation program is to help you best project your 'keenness', your enthusiasm for the position, which is the most effective way of getting them to like you.

Employers are looking for 3 things in every applicant for every position: 1st and least important, the Skills to do the job; 2nd and far more important, the Motivation to do the job well; and 3rdand equally far more important, the ability to fit well into their Team. The qualities that they will be looking for in an interview are Motivation and Team.

Interview preparation involves 5 areas:

  1. Research - show your motivation, your enthusiasm for the job by researching the job thoroughly before going to the interview
  2. Preparing answers to likely interview questions - your answers should be referenced to your knowledge of the job
  3. Preparing questions for you to ask at the interview - as a result of your research, these should be very penetrating and show the level of your motivation for the position
  4. Reconnaissance
  5. Psyching yourself for success

Attending an interview is a bit like competing at the Olympic Games - except that, usually, there are no Silver or Bronze Medals; only Gold. And it takes a lot of hard preparatory work to win Gold!

Read Beat the Jitters! How to win at the job interview or enquire about online coaching to guide your preparation and give you the greatest likelihood of winning that next job.