How to Get a Good Job After 50

A step-by-step guide to job search success

If you have celebrated your 50th birthday (or are getting close to doing so) and you are looking for a job and not having any luck, this book can help. It takes you through the whole job search process from adopting the right attitude to succeeding in the new job, carefully explaining each step of the way. Yes, it requires hard work but it's not rocket science. Any job seeker with a bit of determination can do it and get the job they're after.

Follow the book carefully and you can almost guarantee getting the sort of job you want and in a reasonably short time. This method works. The success my clients have enjoyed over the past few years has proved its effectiveness.

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The Job Winners Guide to Resumes

You have found a job that you would really love and you want to make sure that your application gives you the best chance of getting it. You may have sent off many rsums in the past - but too often you don't get an interview. This book will give you the competitive edge you need. It's a surefire approach to being shortlisted because you are giving employers the information they want in the way they want it.

Writing a winning rsum is hard work but it's not rocket science. It is just good marketing of you and your skills. This book uses an approach to writing rsums that is similar to the approach a small business takes to market its products or services, an approach that has been spectacularly successful in helping my clients sell themselves to prospective employers. Step by step the chapters in this book take you through the process of writing effective rsums and covering letters, steps that will successfully market your skills and abilities. And if the job you are applying for is one you really want, it's worthwhile putting in the extra effort to give yourself the best chance of winning it.

Your rsum needs to make interesting reading. You want the employer to sit up and take notice of you. It should be based on a thorough understanding of the job. It needs to be a dynamic document, attractively laid out and with your personality showing through every line. This is the end result that we are after. However, it's easy to say what we're aiming for but where do we start? Each chapter in this book takes you a step closer to a winning rsum.

Some comments on "The Job Winners Guide to Resumes"

"If you need a rsum but don't know where to start this is for you. The Job Winners Guide to Rsums is a good introduction to the daunting task of writing a rsum. Rupert writes with an easy going no-nonsense style."
Edwin Trevor-Roberts, General Manager, Trevor-Roberts Associates, Career Architects, Toowoomba Qld.

"A thorough coverage of rsums, yet so simply explained. People of all ages regardless of career interests will definitely benefit from such a book."
Stuart Wright, Managing Director, UCANDO Ltd, New Zealand

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Beat the Jitters

Do you get nervous before a job interview? Most people do. But you can use that nervous energy to help you win the interview instead of letting your nerves ruin your chances.

The strategies set out in this little book have been used by my clients with great success. Several had claimed that they "always fell to pieces at the interview." Yet, using these strategies, they won. They got the jobs they were going for. You can too!

The suggestions made here are very thorough. I make no apologies for that. Some people may think that they're too thorough and want to leave some out, take some short cuts. That's OK but, before you do, consider the importance that this interview has for you and your future. How much will the outcome effect your life? If success in the interview will make a big difference, it is probably worth the extra effort to maximise your chances of winning. Believe me, good preparation makes a big difference!

Think of an athlete. Cathy Freeman didn't win Gold for the 400m at Homebush Stadium so much as in the hard preparation and training over the months and years leading up to the Sydney Olympics . If she hadn't spent so much time and effort, she wouldn't have won. Your situation is similar. If you don't prepare, you've got no show. And the more you prepare the better your chances.

This book explains how to prepare answers to likely interview questions, how to conquer your nerves and psych yourself for success, what to wear, what to do, tips for remembering names, how to close the interview in a positive way and much more. If you are less than confident about your ability to interview well, then this book is for you. Now in its 3rd printing.

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It's Your Life

In the future that you would like to create for yourself, would you like to have a job that you enjoy? Do you want to be successful?

Your answers to these two questions could well be "Sure - if it's possible." It is possible. Everyone can have work that they enjoy and everyone can be successful. There are a lot of people in our community who do not particularly enjoy the work they do. They can't wait for Fridays. And many of them would not describe themselves as successful.

But they didn't go through a career planning program. They probably didn't even know they had a choice. You do. This little book has some of the keys that will help you unlock the door to a successful and satisfying career. Designed for secondary students in years 10-12, the book not only helps them plan for a satisfying career, but also the education path needed to achieve it.

The book contains the Work Values card sort, a useful Personality Questionnaire and a proven method of setting personal goals. A career action planning matrix allows the information from these three instruments to be compared with a list of possible options. In this way, the advantages and disadvantages of each option are clearly identified and a logical selection made.

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