Rupert French - Principal Career Consultant

Rupert French has more than 20 years experience in career development. He established the business now known as The Job Winners in 1993, making it the state's longest-established independent career consultancy. Since that time, he has helped more than 1000 people plan new career paths and coached them through their career transitions.

He runs professional development training for employment consultants, educators and rehabilitation consultants in career planning, career transition management and effective job search strategies.

He has written 2 books on career development. The first, Beat the Jitters! How to win at the job interview is now in its third printing. The other, a career planning workbook for students entitled It's Your Life, was published in 2001. He is currently working on a major book on successful job search strategies.

An active member of the peak professional body, the Australian Association of Career Counsellors, he is now in his 9th year on the Tasmanian Committee of Management and, more recently, he was elected to the National Executive. Two years ago, he was awarded Fellow status.

He is the Tasmanian representative of JIIG-CAL Australia, producer of one of the world's most widely respected computer-assisted career planning programs. He also represents WorkLife, the nation's premium supplier of specialist career enrichment resources.