Coaching for Job Search Success - Get a Good Job Fast!

Success in the job search requires effort.It's hard work - but it's not rocket science. But doing it this way gets results! The process that we use takes a step-by-step approach; it uses proven marketing strategies and a bit of sports psychology to give our clients the greatest likelihood of winning the sort of job they are seeking.

Coaching is achieved through use of the website, email, telephone and video-link using Skype. If you have already identified a position that you would like to apply for, please send me the advertisement or better still the statement of duties / position description as soon as you decide to go ahead. The information given on these documents is essential if we are to create a job winning rsum.

The process involves compiling a rsum/job application that is tailored to the job that is being applied for; one that clearly shows how you will perform in that position and one that clearly demonstrates your motivation.; Importantly, it should grab the employer's interest with virtually the first line and then hold that interest through to the end. Details of how to achieve this can be found in my book (details: see below) which is available in good bookstores around Australia.

Thorough interview preparation is essential and we take you through it step-by-step covering 5 important areas: research, preparing answers to likely interview questions, preparing questions for you to ask at the interview, reconnaissance and psyching yourself for success. We help you rehearse your prepared answers and show you how to handle questions for which you have not prepared an answer. Also covered are such topics as what to wear, how to make a good first impression, how to remember and use names, establishing a good rapport with the receptionist (something which can be very effective in helping you win the job!) and follow-up.

The most effective way of winning a good job in the shortest possible time is to access the hidden job market. This means finding jobs before they are advertised through structured networking and research. We have coached hundreds of clients through to success using this method. The method is especially effective for those who feel they are at a disadvantage through being too old or through injury/illness or perhaps they don't have the formal qualifications. It can also be very effective for parents returning to the workforce after some years raising a family and out of paid employment.

Other aspects of the job search that may be required include evaluating job offers, accepting or declining job offers, negotiating the right conditions, and succeeding in the new job.

The aim is to give you the greatest probability of winning the sort of work you want and making a successful career transition.