Resume Coaching that Brings Results

Can you imagine having to read applications from 20 people wanting a job in your organisation? Would this be a job that you would look forward to? If not, why not? Your answer could well be that most rsums are boring. Many of them are nothing more than junk mail.

But that's not what your rsum is going to be. You want to grab the employer's interest with virtually the first line and to hold that interest through to the end. You want her/him to sit up and take notice and to envisage you working successfully in the job.

What is a resume? A resume is not a dull form-filling exercise.
It is a marketing document, a brochure demonstrating how you will perform in the position.

An effective rsum is one that shows employers how you would perform in the position they advertise. It requires a thorough knowledge of the position because then you can write an application in which everything is relevant to the position. Another advantage that a good understanding of the job will give you is that it enables you to envisage yourself being successful in the job. This builds your confidence and your motivation for the position, two factors that can make all the difference to the likelihood of success.

This sounds like a huge task - and it is hard work. Applying for a job could be likened to competing in the Olympic Games - except that, usually, there are no Silver or Bronze Medals. It's Gold or nothing. And winning Gold requires a lot of hard work in preparation. It is usually the candidate who puts in the best application who gets the position.

Our coaching leads you through this process to ensure that you have the greatest likelihood of winning the job. It is best to ensure that each job application is as good as it possibly can be because it is much more effective to put a lot of effort into perhaps 5 applications and win a good position, than to put less effort into 50 'also-ran' applications and not get anything.