Collaborate with other job seekers

Job search is a lonely occupation. The loss of status caused by loss of employment is further exacerbated by repeatedly being rejected by employers.

Yet a positive, up-beat attitude is essential for job search success. Therefore, to be successful, job seekers need to implement practical strategies for maintaining that positive self-esteem and self-confidence.

One strategy that has proved to be successful is collaborating with other job seekers. This strategy was key to the success of the Job Club methodology.

The Job Club Method, as its name implies, is more than the activity of an individual; it is the activity of an individual as part of a group of fellow job seekers working together …

This collaborative approach was successful then and it remains as effective today as it was 35 years ago, but, because formal job clubs are no longer widely operated, the approach seems to be largely forgotten.

This should not be. In my book, How to Get a Good Job After 50, I wrote:

It can also be incredibly helpful to find other people who are looking for work and collaborate with them. Not only will you be sharing your experiences, your successes and failures with them, and they with you, you will be encouraging each other and providing that motivation and determination to succeed. Also, through helping, advising and counselling others, you will be further developing your own job search skills and you will be achieving great things for your own self-esteem.

Even if there are two of you going for the same job, don’t stint on helping each other. It is better that one of you get the position than it go to someone else entirely and there is the chance that, if you both put in outstanding applications, they will make a second position and employ you both.

And, very important, if you get a job before your job seeker friend, don’t stop helping. Stay in there providing support until he or she too has a job.

A positive attitude is essential for job search success. Richards Branson is quoted as saying “At Virgin, we hire for attitude. If they’ve got the right attitude, we can give them the skills. If they’ve got the wrong attitude, it doesn’t matter how skilful they are …” And collaborating with other job seekers is one way, and a very effective one, of maintaining that positive attitude.

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